Quiz & Poll

Available in Android Market

Ever wish you could get your students to stop texting and use their phones productively in the classroom? Or want to gauge what your students have learned? This Android app and related systems enables educators to engage and challenge their students inside the classroom (using polls) and outside the classroom (using quizzes).

How it works

With Quiz & Poll, teachers & educators can create quizzes and polls easily using Google Spreadsheets. Quizzes and Polls are distributed to students via the Android app or an embeddable webplayer. Statistics data is written back to the spreadsheet so the instructor can track student responses and understanding.

Key Features:

How to create a quiz

  1. Create a copy of Template quiz game
  2. Rename the spreadsheet to your quiz name, but leave the [Q] identifier in the beginning
  3. Share the spreadsheet with quiz-n-poll@appspot.gserviceaccount.com for editing
  4. Update the worksheets Questions and Information by following instructions in the template
  5. Mark all the correct answers by putting * after the response in the cell
  6. Share your quiz with your students in one of the following ways:
    • In the spreadsheet, from the Quiz Games menu, select Share with students
    • In Android app, go to Quiz Games -> MENU -> My Own Quizzes -> Share
    • Add it into public quiz games (accessible by anyone) by contacting me

How to create a poll

Prior to the class
  1. Copy this spreadsheet template and ensure you share with quiz-n-poll@appspot.gserviceaccount.com (rename it and don't delete the [P] identifier)
  2. Create your own question list (on the Questions tab)
  3. Add a * for correct answers
  4. You're all set for the classroom now!
During class
  1. Start the polling by clicking Start in the Polling menu of the spreadsheet (Project from the first tab of your spreadsheet!)
  2. If students have an Android device they can scan the QR code to answer the questions
  3. Otherwise you can share a link with students to access from their laptop or any device by entering their email addresses
  4. Select the appropriate question from the drop-down and click Start for the students to respond to that question.
  5. You can stop responding anytime and project a graph of responses.
  6. At the end students can compare with the rest of the class in Results graph.

About the project

This project was created by David Vávra, intern at Google Inc. for Learning Technology Team. It is open-sourced under Apache 2.0 license. This means you can create own version for your school/organization.